Embraer Legacy 600

G-PEPI/Interior + Livery Design

Aircraft Type

Embraer Legacy 600/G-PEPI

Project Date


Project Brief

RMD Air was commissioned to carry out refurbishment of the interior to modernise key components such as the seats, divan, carpets, soft furnishings and also a newly designed exterior livery. The project was to be completed as a fast track project with as little down time as possible and so to achieve this we ensured all materials and finishes were in stock and available and the chosen 3rd party contractors had slots available for an immediate start.

To achieve this quick turnaround, we put a team of specialists together choosing Infliteat Stansted Airport as the main facility to carry out and manage the work.


The successful program was achieved in 10 weeks with a 14-day design period prior to this.

Key Tasks

Interior Conceptual Design/Material selection/Seat upholstery design/Flooring design/Soft furnishings/Livery concepts and design/Design meetings/Design Management with sub-contractors/Project Management.

Before + After